NSG Members

Allan du Toit AM
BMil (Stell), MDefStud (UNSW)

Allan du Toit retired from the RAN as a Rear Admiral in early 2016, after 40 years combined service in two Commonwealth navies. He was born and raised in South Africa and entered the SAN in 1975. He joined the RAN in 1987.  

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Peter Jones AO DSC

Peter Jones served in the Royal Australian Navy and had a 40 year career, retiring as a Vice Admiral. His sea-going appointments included Commanding Officer HMAS Melbourne (1998-1999), during which time the ship enforced UN sanctions against Iraq in the Arabian Gulf, and Commander Australian Surface Task Group (2002-2003).    

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James Goldrick AO, CSC
BA(UNSW), MLitt (UNE), DLitt (hc) (UNSW)

James Goldrick is a retired Rear Admiral, RAN. He joined the RAN in 1974, and, after completing an Arts degree at UNSW Kensington, graduated from the RAN College at the end of 1978. He commanded HMA Ships Cessnock and Sydney (twice), the multinational maritime interception force in the Persian Gulf, the Australian Defence Force Academy (twice), Border Protection Command and the Australian Defence College.    

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Dr Jack McCaffrie

BA Uni of QLD,  1991; MA (Strategic Studies)  ANU,  1993; PhD Uni of Wollongong, 2014.

Jack McCaffrie is a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security at Wollongong University, where he was recently awarded his PhD. He retired from the RAN in February 2003 on returning from his final posting as Naval Attaché, Washington. 

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Dr David Stevens

PhD (UNSW), MA (StratStud) (ANU), BA (UNSW), DipMarStud (RAN).

David Stevens joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1974, and specialised in anti-submarine warfare. Highlights of his service included an exchange posting in the Royal Navy, and sea-going staff appointments in both the 1991 Gulf War and 2003 Iraq War.  

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