The Sir James Rowland Air Power Seminar Series

An initiative of the Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society (ACSACS), UNSW Canberra and the Air Power Development Centre, Royal Australian Air Force.

This seminar series has been established to honour the contributions of Air Marshal Sir James Rowland, the first engineering officer to serve as Chief of the Air Staff (1976-79) and a major contributor to Australian thinking on the strategic use of air power. The specific aim of the seminars is a broadened understanding of the origins, evolution, application and depiction of air power in the national interest.

The seminar seeks to bring together air power practitioners and academics, and wider Service, governmental and industry parties interested in the utility of air power. Some of the themes to be explored include: The Strategic Dimension of Air Power in Securing the Nation; Future Force Structures; Emerging Air Power Threats; the Ethics of Air Power; Air Force Culture and the Application of Air Power; Technology and the Evolution of Air Power; the Navy, the Army and Air Power; Space and Cyber Power; the Dynamics of Developing Air Power Doctrine.


Air Power and National Security: the Strategic Dimension – 13th October 2016
The Influence of Technology on Air Power: Historic and Contemporary Perspectives – 5th April 2017
Air Power in Small and Irregular Wars – 20th September 2017
Air Power in a Disruptive World – 21st May 2018
Influence of Emerging Technologies on Air and Space Power – 17th October 2018
Australia's enduring approach to Air-mindedness and Aviation Culture – 28th August 2019