Aeromechanical modelling of hot jet engine components

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A/Prof Andrew Neely (

Description of Work: 


Gas turbine engine components are subject to both low and high cycle fatigue loads during operation. To improve engine reliability, durability, and maintainability through improved engine structural integrity it is necessary to understand the interaction of high-cycle and low cycle fatigue in these components. Existing research is already underway at UNSW Canberra to investigate fatigue interaction in the fan section of aero engines.

This project will extend the work into the turbine section of the engine where the addition of thermal loading becomes the major contributor to the fatigue life of the rotating components. The work will be numerically based through a combination of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element modelling (FEM) analysis to investigate the fluid structure interaction in the turbine section.

Description of Work:

  • Develop CFD and FEM models of the rotating turbine blades.
  • Apply high-cycle (aerodynamic, vibration) and low-cycle (rotational and thermal stresses) fatigue loads on the component.
  • Incorporate fluid-structure interaction into the numerical modelling.
  • Predict stress and strain histories during engine operation.
  • Investigate the interaction of these loads with internal and external cooling geometries in the turbine blades.