Cyber R & D

Redefining R&D Needs for Australian Cyber Security

16 November 2015, Canberra

This international conference was organized by the Australian Centre for Cyber Security (ACCS) at the University of New South Wales Canberra and Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group (formerly DSTO), with the support of the Australian Defence Force Academy. The conference examined selected aspects of how the R&D base in Australia for cyber security is shaped by and feeds into a globalized industry. It examined the challenge of reconciling sovereign needs in various contexts of national security (including military, counter-terrorism, and critical infrastructure protection) with international cyber interdependence. The conference featured panel sessions to address public policy linkages between industry, education and research, as well as the presentation of selected scientific papers to showcase current Australia-based R&D in the field of cyber security.The agenda can be found here. For biographical notes on speakers, click here. For list of participants, click here.

Adams Auditorium, Australian Defence Force Academy, Northcott Drive Canberra ACT

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Papers and Presentations: See Below

Hon. Mal Brough MP, Minister for Defence Materiel and Science Keynote speech

Michael Docking “Impacts of Autonomous Cyber Defence” Presentation

John Shield "Toward threat estimation of system memory Hardware Trojans" PPT Presentation

Dave Blockow "Big Data Architectures: Concerns and Strategies for Cyber Security" Paper

Roger Clarke "Big Data Quality Assurance" Paper; PPT Presentation

Greg Austin and Sandro Gaycken  "Make Highly Secure Computing the Foundation of Cyber Security” Paper

Jill Slay "Highly Secure Computing in Australia"

Arkady Zaslavsky "Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things” Overview

Keith Joiner “Incorporating Cyber Survivability into Future ADF Platform Design and Acceptance” Paper; PPT Presentation

Dave Ormrod “Toward a Military Cyber Maturity Model” Abstract

Mark Senior "Cyber Crime as an Asymmetric Atatck Vector" Slide set


Justin Hernandez and Ben Turnbull “Mission Centric Cyber Situation Awareness Framework” Overview

Samuel Chenoweth, Sarath Indrakanti and Paul Buckland “The Effects of an Emulated Memory Trojan on the Secure Operation of a Firewall” Overview

Dr Nalin Arachchilage “User-Centred Security Education: A Game Design to Thwart Phishing Attacks” Paper ; Poster

Dr Elena Sitnikova (co-authors Suhaila Ismail and Jill Slay) “Security Measures Framework for SCADA Systems Best Practices”  Overview

LT Jacob Taylor “Acquisition and analysis of compromised firmware through memory forensics” Overview

LT Kent O’Sullivan "Design of an ontology for representation of cyber effects” Paper; Poster

LT Benjamin Rice “Profiling of file system structures for use in digital forensic investigations” Overview

OCDT Matthew Gaudie “Towards enhancing Australian Army capabilities in cyber security training” Overview

OCDT Kyle Maher “Low Level Virtual Machine Binary Vulnerability Analysis” Overview