Education with ACCS


ACCS at UNSW Canberra is host to exciting new courses, three innovative Masters of Cyber Security streams, and other professional education programs.

We offer advanced inter-disciplinary study at Master's degree level in some of the most exciting aspects of security in cyber space: adversary tradecraft, reverse engineering of malware, red teaming, cyber war, cyber crime, cyber terrorism, to name just a small selection of our offerings. Our teaching staff includes scholars with global reputations in their field.

In Semester 2 2017, we are offering a range of new courses.

In Australia’s Cyber Forces, students will have the chance develop options for an Australian cyber militia, as described here. We want to use the course to translate the existing knowledge of the students cohort (in policy, the ICT sector, management or cyber threats) into a suite of ideas and analysis that can have lasting influence on this national challenge. In a related course, Cyber Security in Asia, students can study the hacker armies of Iran and North Korea, the tactics of Anonymous and Wikileaks, and the development of cyber reserve forces in the UK, USA, Israel and Estonia.”

Other new courses taught by ACCS in Semester 2 2016 include: Information Assurance Principles, Critical Infrastructure and Control System Security, Humans and (Cyber)Security, Cyberterrorism, and Critical Infrastructure Security Policy and Governance.

In Semester 1 2016, new courses included Australian Cyber Diplomacy and Cyber Policy in China.

Further information can be found on the websites indicated below with hyperlinks:

These three Master's degrees complement a range of Professional Education Courses offered by UNSW Canberra.

ACCS professional courses are delivered by full-time and adjunct staff. The adjunct staff have high relevant direct experience in Australia's intelligence and security agencies.  Our state of the art facilities include red and blue team labs and utilise an isolated network with Cyber Range, Ixia traffic generator and other enterprise grade tools.