Australia’s Cyber Security Sector Ready to Tackle Global Threats


On 15 February, The Hon Dan Tehan MP, launched the Cyber Security Industry Capability Report, which highlights Australia’s strengths and capabilities in combating the growing threat of cyber-attacks on people, businesses and governments. These strengths demonstrate Australia’s global leadership in cutting-edge IT services, helping shape the export markets of tomorrow.

The report profiles Australia’s niche capabilities and strengths including its cyber security workforce, government support and advanced R&D, software development, consultancy, education and training. In this respect, it highlights the significant contribution by the Australian Centre for Cyber Security:

"One project underway, led by Dr Benjamin Turnbull, will increase the efficiency and ability of the Tor Network, a worldwide privacy network enabling legitimate anonymous communication. Tor has millions of daily users across the world and is used by diverse groups such as people seeking to evade government censorship, journalist sources, people evading geoblocking restrictions and anonymous online commerce systems. Dr Turnbull recently received a significant grant from the US Naval Research Laboratory toaddress challenges for Tor Hidden Services.

The ACCS has developed both theoretical and practical responses to the unmet and rapidly developing education needs in cyber security. It delivers three Masters degrees embracing offensive cyber war and diplomacy, critical infrastructure dependencies, cyber adversary tradecraft and cyber terrorism. Headquartered on the Australian Defence Force Academy Campus, the ACCS is taking a lead role in research on the future skills base for Australia’s military forces. This includes development work on the idea of a National Cyber Security College, as well as working with international colleagues, through (ISC)², on worldwide curriculum development. ACCS also undertakes commissioned research for external clients, including development of serious games for cyber security."

The report is available here