Ukraine Cyber: Policy and Business Environment Seminar


On 2 May 2017, the Australian Centre for Cyber Security (ACCS) will host a leading Ukrainian researcher and cyber entrepreneur, Dr Oleksandr Kiselevskyi, for a public seminar on “Cyber Security in Ukraine: Policy and Business Environment”. Dr Kiselevskyi’s visit to Australia is being hosted by the Ukrainian Studies Foundation in Australia. See next page for biography.

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Dr. Oleksandr Kyselevskyi is a Cyber Security, Cryptography and Telecommunications expert. In his professional capacity, he specializes in protecting high profile organisations and governments from malicious Internet attacks and various kinds of cyber crime. He is based in Ukraine and is one of the founders, a managing partner, chairman of the supervisory board and the chief scientific advisor in the Ukrainian branch of the Intecracy Group (a worldwide provider of IT services). Apart from offerring his professional services to commercial organisations he has also been consulting the Ukrainian government on a number of classified cyber security projects. Dr. Kyselevskyi has extensive knowledge of current trends in cyber crime, cyber terrorism and methods to identify and combat those. He is one of the key people behind the development of specialised software and hardware for cyber crime identification and protection.
Apart from being an IT professional, Dr. Kyselevskyi has strong academic background and continues to conduct research and teach in a number of disciplines, among which are: IT/Cyber Security, Cryptography, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, Telecommunications and Complex Systems. He is a member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Senior Researcher, Scientific Adviser and Associate Professor at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. He is graduate of Taras Shevchenko National University at bachelors level with Honours  in Mechanics and Mathematics; and holds a Ph D in solid mechanics (Vector boundary value problems of elasticity theory) – 1978.
Dr. Kyselevskyi is an author of more than 20 scientific publications and number of software products such as:

  • Software product “Logical resources inventory system for telecommunications networks (Certificates of registration # 15819; 24.02.2006);
  • Software product “Megapolis. Records management and analysis system of projects in construction” (Certificates of registration # 15191; 27.12.2005);
  • Software product “Megapolis. Controlling and Budgeting System for Primary Network Directorate- the branch  of  National Telecom Operator Ukrtelecom”( Certificates of registration # 15195; 27.12.2005);
  • Software product “Telecommunication network system for monitoring, support of the operations and control” (Certificates of registration # 10922; 31.08.2004);
  • Software product “Physical resources inventory system for telecommunications networks” (Certificates of registration # 15820; 24.02 2006);
  • Software Product “A set of automation systems for telecom operators and service providers” (Certificates of registration # 23742; 22.02.2008);
  • Software Product- Automated system “Business process management for communication provider” (Certificates of registration # 23743; 22.02.2008)
  • Software Product - Automated system "Resource management of telecommunications networks" (Certificates of registration # 23744 22.02.2008)
  • Software product -Automated system "Management of telecommunications services" (Certificates of registration # 23745; 22.02 2008)
  • Software product -The system of cryptographically secure mobile communications (Certificates of registration #69148; 13.12.2016)
  • Utility model declaration patent "Method of forming lines of information flow in the telecommunications transport network” (Certificates of registration # (11)14915; (51) МПК (2006); HO4Q11/00; H04Q 9/00)

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