UNSW's Erskine on Cyber Norms at 2017 ISA


This panel on ‘Cyber Norms’ took place at the International Studies Association annual convention, held in Baltimore, Maryland, 22-25 February 2017.  The panel participants were:  Prof. Martha Finnemore (George Washington University); Dr. Madeline Carr (Cardiff University); Prof. Duncan Hollis (Temple University); Prof. Toni Erskine (UNSW Canberra); and Dr. Catherine Lotrionte (Georgetown University).

The following is the panel description:

Cyber norms are rapidly developing as a focus for many debates about the future of global cyber security. These debates incorporate law, values, practices and complex political agendas. Cyber norms are developing, emerging and being actively promoted in a number of sites and venues from the UN to the IETF to the private sector. And they bring together diverse actors that negotiate, compete, and sometimes agree on how we might view responsible behaviour in cyber space. This panel adopted both a theoretical and a pragmatic/experience-based approach to what drives accountability between various cyber actors. In order to address this, the participants focused on the following questions: What constitutes a stable cyberspace? What shared values and goals derive from national approaches to building information societies of their priorities and liking? How might we cultivate an inclusive culture of cyber accountability? How might we increase global confidence in development, dissemination and use of ICTs in ways that would support the international cyber security agenda?

Professor Erskine and Dr Carr drew on their jointly authored work, ‘Beyond “Quasi-Norms”:  The Challenges and Potential of Engaging with Norms in Cyberspace’ in their respective comments:  https://ccdcoe.org/sites/default/files/multimedia/pdf/InternationalCyberNorms_Ch5.pdf