Australian Cyber Strategy, Law and Policy

The ACCS, including its associated researchers across UNSW, provides a hub for Australia-focused research in the areas of national security strategies, the information society, law and regulation, and policy responses.

Researchers from UNSW Law, and UNSW Canberra Engineering/IT and Humanities/Social Sciences bring cross-disciplinary and comparative skills to bear on political, legal and regulatory aspects of Australian security in cyber space including:

  • ethics
  • national strategies for cyber war and cyber peace
  • causes and prevention of cyber crime
  • policing and investigation for cyber security
  • electronic evidence and biometrics in investigations and prosecution; visual and audio surveillance products for identification
  • application of anti-terrorism laws to cyber-activities; 'hard' and 'soft' approaches to counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency
  • national law implications of data-mining analytic rules
  • transborder data challenges for data protection, privacy and information security
  • human rights, civil liberties and activism in cyberspace
  • private regulatory models (eg, ‘multi-stakeholder initiatives’) and corporate respect for human rights
  • regulation of markets for software vulnerabilities or illegal markets
  • ethical hacking
  • ontologies of cyber war and cyber military maturity
  • national strategies for the information society and innovation
  • ICT for national disaster relief

At UNSW Canberra, our lead researchers in policy, legal and social issues cover: cyber war, cyber policy, cyber skilling, cyber crime, ethics, telecommunications, terrorism aspects, society, cyber war and peace, diplomacy, international law, defence policy, and child safety.

UNSW Law brings a wealth of experience in relation to cyber security, with demonstrated research strengths in the relationship between law and science/technology:

  • forensic evidence
  • policing
  • international laws
  • human rights
  • international security
  • public international law
  • legal theory