World Politics, Security and International Law in Cyber Space

The ACCS has a strong research focus on international politics, international relations, diplomacy and international law as they affect the security in cyber space of states, corporations, individual citizens and civil society.

Our theoretical research includes examining current debates within politics and international relations surrounding ideas of security in cyber space - from both philosophical and social scientific perspectives, including:

  • critical security studies
  • international ethics
  • international political theory
  • intelligence studies


We also look at themes such as the tension between individual privacy and state security, the proposed threats of 'cyber warfare' and 'cyber terrorism', and the ethics of certain forms of intelligence collection.

Our applied research focuses on the cyber strategies and policies of the United States, China and Russia. We also look at major multilateral developments, particularly in the Asia Pacific region. Topics include:

  • cyber war planning
  • cyber espionage
  • practical measures of restraint in cyber space
  • ethics, norms and international law