At a time when cyber security is moving to the top of global political, scholarly and commercial agendas, the Australian Centre for Cyber Security (ACCS) provides cutting-edge, long-term, international thought-leadership in cyber security through research, education and external engagement.

The ACCS is the largest interdisciplinary research centre for cyber security research and teaching in Australia and is a focal point for the research of some 60 scholars from various faculties across UNSW. The Centre, drives new paradigms in the practice of cyber security and the education of the next generation of cyber security professionals and researchers.

The ACCS combines expertise from a range of relevant communities; political, cyber industry, defence, academic, individual and organisational users, and the media.  The Centre builds on close working relationships with both domestic and international industry and government, including UNSW’s unique half-century relationship with Defence. The ACCS is working closely with DSTO, Defence Services and Northrop Grumman Australia. The Centre also collaborates with the Australian Defence Force and Defence contractors, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Taxation Office, Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Attorney-General's Department and The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australian Cyber Security Centre and ASD, State and Federal Police, Australian Crime Commission, and Australian and New Zealand Police Ministers and Commissioners as well as commercial entities and other organisations who are supporting us in integration of our systems, with training, guidance and advice.

The ACCS serves as a national hub for policy related research and education across the full spectrum of cyber security (hardware, software, payload, networks, policy, human factors, organizational factors and the information ecosystem).  The Centre is a provider of cross disciplinary cyber security graduate studies for government and industry and endeavours to continue to be an important national asset for research and ideas:

  • informing security policy in cyber space (defence, diplomacy, counter-terrorism, espionage, cyber technologies);
  • informing national policy on civil sector (non-defence) cyber security; and
  • providing technical solutions through research to selected problems of cyber security for government agencies and corporations

We offer a Bachelor Computing & Cyber Security, three Masters Degrees in cyber security and two doctoral cyber security programs. The ACCS also offer an extensive array of professional education short courses to individuals, government and private organisations which range from introductory level to advanced courses. In the Executive arena, we have tailored Board and Senior Management Briefings on cyber security to equip corporate boards and enhance their oversight of cyber risks. In terms of cyberwarfare, the Centre provides war-gaming, training and exercises on our cyber-range - with our own state of the art equipment unique in the Australian university system with an unclassified cyber range for teaching, training and research. With the support of other vendors, we employ advanced software for managing our cyber-range and a traffic generator to allow us to develop authentic cyber-attack scenarios on critical infrastructure.

The ACCS’s strategic strengths, academic leadership capabilities and business sector connections in delivering cyber related education, research and training programs are summarised as follows:

  • Provider of cyber security for national security as proven through our extensive experience in educating the Australian Defence Force and building military cyber capability
  • Largest interdisciplinary research centre for cyber security research and teaching in Australia including research in cyber policy and cyber effects
  • Provider of cross disciplinary cyber security graduate studies for government and industry.
  • Northrop Grumman’s only Australian partner in its International Cyber Security Research Consortium and has research funding from the US DoD.
  • Pioneer in Digital Forensics education and is in the process of seeking accreditation for its Digital Forensics lab (second such lab in Australia)
  • Highly Specialised Masters Degrees (Advanced Tradecraft) designed to meet the demand for technical experts who can implement and lead the technical cyber security function in government, industry, law enforcement and Defence
  • Non-Technical Masters Degrees (Cyber Security Operations & Cyber Security, Strategy & Diplomacy) designed to meet the demand for executives and managers who oversee the cyber security function in government, industry, law enforcement and Defence
  • Partnership with CSIRO in a Cyber Range for the training of cyber soldiers and rehearsing cyber missions
  • Critical infrastructure (SCADA) cyber security training designed to use simulation tools and equipment to replicate the potential threats against critical infrastructure utilising real life SCADA models. 
  • Provider of an extensive array of Professional Development Courses (introductory to advanced) to large commonwealth government departments

As a national leader in the development and delivery of cyber security education and training, the ACCS is committed to providing cyber security for national security and strengthening Australia’s cyber leadership.