WWI: Where do we go next?


The closing months of the Great War centenary offered an opportune moment to review what we have achieved over the past several years, and to consider where Great War studies may go without the impetus (or indeed impediment) of the centenary.

UNSW Canberra, its associates and friends, has been a notable centre for research on the Great War, and we had several postgraduates and Visiting Fellows at work in the field. What would the scholarly future of Great War studies hold for them?

This symposium was prompted by the visit of Assistant Professor John Mitcham of McAnulty College at Duquesne University, Pennsylvania, who was working on imperial relations during the Great War and who opened the symposium with a paper on ‘Jan Smuts, Imperial Statesmanship, and the First World War’.

We also invited a number of Great War specialists to give short presentations looking at what they had done or were doing, what they hoped or planned to do in the field or what they thought may or ought to happen in Great War studies in the aftermath of the centenary.

Speakers were asked to present for up to ten minutes each, with five minutes for discussion, and with a longer closing session to enable participants to reflect on speakers’ presentations and ideas. The symposium was particularly recommended to current and intending HASS postgraduates, and participants were urged to stay for the entire duration of the symposium, in order to facilitate coherent discussion. 

The final program is available as a PDF file via this link.

This symposium was jointly hosted by the HASS Humanities Research Group and the Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict.