Steering Committee

The day-to-day management of the Centre is supported by the ACSACS Steering Committee

ACSACS Steering Committee Members

Professor Shirley Scott
Head, School of Humanities and Social Science
UNSW Canberra

Professor Hans Riesen
Associate Dean, Research,
UNSW Canberra

Dr Sue Williamson
School of Business
UNSW Canberra

Dr Deane-Peter Baker
Deputy Head of School (Postgraduate & Research)
School of Humanities and Social Science
UNSW Canberra

Professor Tom Frame
Director, ACSACS

Minute Secretary: Dr Rita Parker, Centre Manager, ACSACS

Extract from:

Centres Procedure: Establishment, Management and Review of Centres, Version: 3.0 Effective: 3 September 2013

Governance and Centre Steering Committees

The Presiding Dean has responsibility for the governance and operational and financial oversight of Internal UNSW Centres.

A Centre Steering Committee will be established for each Internal Centre by the Vice-President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, on the recommendation of the Presiding Dean. In appointing Steering Committee members, the Vice-President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor will consider whether real or perceived conflicts of interest exist.

Membership will typically be comprised of UNSW staff including:

  • The Presiding Dean or nominee, who will normally act as Chair;
  • The Centre Director;
  • Up to three other members from Faculties/Schools associated with the Centre who are not members of the Centre, including, for example, the Faculty Associate Dean (Research) and/or the Faculty Finance/General Manager; and
  • Other UNSW staff members, including conjoint/adjunct appointments to UNSW, co-opted as required from time to time to provide further specific advice on strategy, risk, finances and policy; external members, who bring specific expertise and experience to the Centre, may also be appointed.

The Steering Committee will act in guiding the Centre through:

  • Setting and reviewing the strategic direction and objectives of the Centre;
  • Evaluating the performance of the Centre against its objectives;
  • Ensuring the Centre is compliant with UNSW Policies and Procedures;
  • Regularly assessing the financial performance of the Centre;
  • Evaluating risks and developing strategies to minimise them;
  • Determining financial and other delegations of the Director; and
  • Determining the composition of the Advisory Committee(s) and the timing of their meetings, and provide minutes of each meeting to the Centres Secretariat.

The Vice-President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor may also be a member of the Centre Steering Committee and/or may attend meetings.

The Centre Steering Committee will meet at least three times per year. A quorum will be 51% of members including the Chair. As the Presiding Dean has responsibility for the governance of the Centre, decisions are expected to be made by consensus or, in the case of dissent, by the Presiding Dean.

In the case of UNSW Centres in which several Faculties are officially involved, the Centre Steering Committee must refer decisions regarding proposed changes to the financial, infrastructure and staff commitment to the Centre by other Faculties to the corresponding Deans and the Vice-President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor as required. It is expected that the size and composition of the Steering Committee, and the frequency of their meetings should be appropriate to the size, complexity and range of activities of the Centre.