Welcome from the ACSACS Director, Professor Tom Frame

The charter of the Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society (ACSACS) could not be more timely as the nation reflects on the outbreak of the Great War a century ago and recognises the impact of recent conflicts on those who participated in them.

I am privileged to follow my friend and colleague Professor Jeff Grey as the second Director of ACSACS. He has provided a firm foundation upon which to build as the Centre enters the third year of its life (July 2014) and consolidates the considerable gains it has already made.

My vision for ACSACS is this: it will strive to become the pre-eminent Australian venue for assessing the past, present and likely future impact of armed conflict on institutions and individuals to enhance public policy and raise community awareness through multi-disciplinary scholarship expressed in publishing and presentations.

While the work of historians, ethics and political scientists will continue within these disciplines across the university, ACSACS will bring thinkers from a range of backgrounds together in the expectation that their collaborative efforts will shed fresh insights on people and places whose stories and significance we thought were understood and recognised. ACSACS will also seek funding for projects with a demonstrable benefit to the whole nation whether that benefit takes the form of enriched commemorative or in the continuing care of uniformed men and women, past and present. The aim is make our member's work known and accessible so that everyone from popular media presenters to small historical societies can speak about the impact of armed conflict in an informed and confident way.

The foundational work of the Centre continues involving the expertise of scholars working at UNSW Canberra, each leading figures in their respective fields. ACSACS combines UNSW's strengths of academic research with the understanding of the Australian Defence Force and the interplay between the two that is unique to UNSW Canberra. My hope in the next few years is that a broader cross-section of Australian society will connect with the Centre and help us to expand even further our ability to explore and examine the place of armed conflict in the nation's life and our capacity to educate and enlighten an even greater number of Australians about the ways in which armed conflict has shaped institutions and individuals.

Please contact our Centre Manager Rita Parker on 0407 620 905 or r.parker@adfa.edu.au for more information on the Centre and the ways in which you can be involved.