About the Centre

The Capability Systems Centre undertakes research and education in a range of disciplinary areas relevant to the delivery of capability systems and systems acquisition: systems science, systems thinking, complex systems, system of systems, systems engineering, requirements engineering, and project management. The centre aims to:

  • conduct research and analysis relevant to conceptual design, systems acquisition and the delivery of capability:
    • conduct world-class research that can be generalised beyond any single domain and has the potential to transform capability development;
    • identify, evaluate, create and integrate methods, processes and tools applicable to capability development;
    • identify paths for transitioning research into practice across the system life cycle; and
    • provide infrastructure and sponsorship to support high-quality research students.
  • lead a national community of researchers and educators, focused on capability development challenges:
    • develop relevant publications on capability development and capability management; and
    • conduct seminars and conferences providing information-dissemination and networking opportunities
  • contribute to undergraduate, postgraduate and professional education in systems acquisition and capability development.

If you would like more information on any aspect of the Capability Systems Centre or you would like to discuss how the centre's research and eduation endeavours may be able to assist you in achieving organisational goals, please contact capabilitysystems@adfa.edu.au or 02 5114 5590.