The Australian SSA & STM Conference 2020

The Australian Space Situational Awareness and Space Traffic Management Conference, 2020 will bring together key researchers, users, and decision makers from across the Australian space sector, to focus on developing a set of shared priorities and goals among the Australian SSA community. The conference will enable Australia to meet the evolving challenge of safely and responsibly operating within the space domain.

The conference aims to:

  1. Showcase new and emerging Australian SSA and STM techniques and technology
  2. Collectively identify and prioritize gaps in SSA capability and STM systems
  3. Collaboratively define a strategy to exploit Australia’s advantageous location to develop a world class SSA and STM niche
  4. Provide a means to benchmark and measure the collective Australian SSA capability each year
  5. Provide an inter-disciplinary forum to drive Australian SSA and STM policy and business initiatives

The 3 full days will consist of talks, workshops and poster sessions with key focus on themes including:

  • Space surveillance and tracking technologies to enhance Australian SSA capability
  • Technology, systems, simulation and modelling for safe and sustainable on-orbit operations
  • Space weather monitoring, modelling and prediction for SSA applications
  • Australian space traffic management: policy, regulation, ethics and business models

These streamed breakout sessions will run as workshops and result in defined actions and challenges for participants to tackle between conferences.

If you would like to take part, please visit the registration page here.

For any questions or further information, please contact