Cross-Institutional Enrolment Approval

Please read before proceeding with your application

1. Policy
  Postgraduate coursework students can apply to study a course not offered by UNSW Canberra as a student at another recognised University – this is called cross-institutional enrolment. 

The definition of a course not offered by UNSW Canberra is taken to mean:

  • the course is not offered by UNSW Canberra; or
  • the course is not offered in the appropriate delivery mode (ie On-campus or Distance Education); or
  • the course is not offered in the appropriate session.

Approval will not be granted if the course is available at UNSW Canberra, but 
the student simply wishes to undertake the course at another University, nor will approval be granted due to timetable conflicts. 

Cross-institutional enrolment is only available to Australian or New Zealand Citizens or Permanent Residents. 

Students undertaking cross-institutional enrolment are required to undertake the administrative requirements of the other University themselves. Further the student is responsible for the payment of their own tuition fees, or for arranging for a sponsor to pay their tuition fees. 

Students undertaking cross-institutional enrolment may not vary their enrolment (other than by withdrawing from an approved course) at the other University without prior written approval from Student Administrative Services. 

Results from courses undertaken at another University are not part of the calculation for the student’s Weighted Average Mark (WAM) and an ungraded result (ie Satisfactory, Not Satisfactory, Fail etc.) will appear on the UNSW Academic Transcript.

2. How and When to Apply
  The student seeking approval should identify an appropriate Australian University and the relevant course that they wish to undertake. The School may be able to provide advice on appropriate options. 

The student is responsible for confirming the enrolment procedure and deadlines at the other University and for obtaining, completing and submitting (to the other University) a copy of their Cross-Institutional Application for Admission form (this is sometimes called Application for Non-Award Studies). 

The student should complete and lodge this form with Student Administrative Services at least three weeks prior to the published deadline at the other University. This form should be accompanied by a detailed course outline/guide that includes the aims and objectives, contact hours, texts and references, and assessment details.

3. Approval Process
  Please allow three weeks for processing and remember that incomplete applications, or applications not accompanied by the necessary documentation will not be processed. 

Student Administrative Services will undertake preliminary processing of the approval form and will then forward the form and associated documentation to the relevant School for consideration by the Program/Plan Authority (normally the Head of School, or nominee such as the Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator). 

Should the School advise that approval should be granted, and Student Administrative Services has ensured that the approval request is in accordance with the relevant UNSW and UNSW Canberra Policy, Student Administrative Services will advise the student of the outcome of the request in writing. Should the approval be granted, this advice will be in the form of an Approval Letter that the student should include with their application to the other University.

4. Once the Course has been Completed
  Once the course has been completed, the student is responsible for obtaining a Statement of Results or Academic Transcript from the other University and to submit this evidence of satisfactory completion of the course to Student Administrative Services at UNSW Canberra so that credit for the course may be awarded
towards the UNSW Canberra program. 

Students are reminded that a ‘print-out’ from the other University’s website or a letter from the Lecturer or Head of School is not sufficient evidence of satisfactory completion.

Further Information
  If you have any questions regarding Cross-Institution enrolment please contact Student Administrative Services. 

Phone+61 2 5114 5000

Application Form
  Cross-Institution Enrolment Approval Form

Please submit the completed application form and all supporting documentation to:

Student Administrative Services

Telephone+61 2 5114 5000
Ground Floor, Adams Auditorium,
Building 111

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday – 08.30 to 16.30 Friday* - 08.30 - 16.00

* On the first Friday of each month Student Administrative Services closes at 13.00.