Master of Strategic People Management (8563)

full-time equivalent
S1 & S2

The Master of Strategic People Management (MStratPMgt) is designed to develop middle managers, particularly in the area of people management. Middle managers are recognized as a key element of organisational change, but despite this the majority of courses offered by universities do not focus on the specific people challenges of middle managers. This online program balances advanced theory with practical knowledge, offering the opportunity to develop strategy implementation plans which effectively integrate and utilise the people involved. Underpinned by relevant research at UNSW Canberra the program will enable more successful incorporation of  human resources into strategic plans and the achievement of desired organisational outcomes.

The program is designed for postgraduate scholars and professional managers with appropriate undergraduate qualifications in management or a related discipline and/or extensive relevant professional experience wishing to gain a more advanced understanding of the concepts and principles that underpin strategic people management and effective leadership. The program includes optional research project courses, which enable students to produce a substantial piece of research-based scholarship during their degree. The program will develop  critical thinking, problem solving, research and systems analysis skills in order to improve team effectiveness, as well as to meet the challenges of complex contextual and organisational demands. Key aspects of the program are to understand aspects of the organisational system and how to work within that, to recognise the meaning of the wider organisational strategy and to develop implementation plans that will create an appropriately skilled workforce that has clarity as to their role and performance requirements.

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If you require more information about the program, or are currently in a Masters program and would like to enquire if you are eligible to transfer into this program, please contact:

Postgraduate Coordinator:
Dr Matthew McCormack

School Enquiries:
Ph: (02) 5114 5672

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