Business (MRes) - 2223

T1, T2 & T3

Master degrees by research prepare students to apply advanced knowledge for research, scholarship and further learning corresponding to AQF level 9 qualifications. The UNSW Canberra Master of Business by research program is designed primarily as training in a program of advanced study and research. The candidate learns the fundamentals of research and acquires new techniques. By enrolling in the Masters research degree, a student will refine and develop their ability to undertake research and enhance their critical thinking skills. They should contribute to knowledge in their discipline or acquire skills in understanding and applying the latest research when making business decisions. 

The candidate must undertake an original investigation which will be more limited in scope and degree of originality than is required for a doctorate. Although originality is to be encouraged as much as possible, the work will be closely supervised in the early problem formulation stages and whenever a new technique is being used.

The length of a Masters research thesis normally should not exceed 75,000 words of text.