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Mathematics and Chemistry majors require Mathematics. Aviation, Physics and Oceanography majors requires Mathematics and Physics.

A UNSW Canberra Bachelor of Science degree keeps your Defence career options open.  The Australian Defence Force requires leaders with sound scientific knowledge and problem-solving skills.  As a BSc graduate you will possess the intellectual and analytical skills required to be an effective leader and have broad choices about where to take your ADF career.

A Bachelor of Science degree from UNSW Canberra offers you a diverse understanding of the physical universe, from chemistry and sub-atomic physics, to large-scale behaviours of oceans and planets, to computational techniques and data analysis.

Science is the foundation of most human knowledge, and all the machinery and technology in our society.  Science is fundamental to technology creation, computers, aircraft, ships, weapons and explosives, code-making and code-breaking and more.

The UNSW Canberra Bachelor of Science degree develops skills in critical thinking, problem solving and communciation. It develops scientific literacy, and gives detailed scientific knowledge in your chosen fields of study.  Your studies will prepare you in your career as an Officer to deal with a breadth of technical, scientific, strategic and logistic issues.

The following science discipline areas are available as majors in the Bachelor of Science:

– Aviation

– Chemistry

– Mathematics

– Computer science

– Oceanography

– Geography

– Physics

Detailed descriptions of these majors can be found in the UNSW Handbook.

Please refer to the Recommended Double-Major Combinations in the BSc program for the discipline area combinations on offer and corresponding study plans.

Key features:

– You have many choices of specialisation within a BSc degree.

– UNSW Canberra has the best university teacher-to-student ratio in Australia.

Undergraduate Coordinator:
Dr Leesa Sidhu
Undergraduate Student Enquiries:
Academic Support Officer
Ph: (02) 6268 8985

Recommended Double Major Combinations

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