Development and application of an improved electromagnetic wind profiler

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Dr John Taylor (

Description of Work: 


To improve the range and resolution of our existing 1275 MHz boundary layer wind profiler by incorporating pulse coding and compare the wind and turbulence information from this instrument with the Bureau of Meteorology’s operational 70 MHz spaced antenna profiler located at Canberra Airport.

Description of Work:

  • We have a prototype 1275 MHz boundary layer wind profiler that we used for a successful field experiment in south eastern Australia in 2000. We would like to modify this system to include pulse coding to improve its range and resolution. The initial part of this project would involve working on the hardware and software for the system.
  • Once completed, we would look at data obtained simultaneously from our 1275 MHz system and the Bureau of Meteorology's operational 70 MHz boundary layer wind profiler installed at Canberra airport. This part of the project would focus on the information about the atmosphere that can be acquired by having these two systems (almost) co-located.