Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme (FEAS)

Admission for 2020

The indicative Selection Rank (ATAR + adjustment factors) for admission to Engineering programs at UNSW Canberra in 2019 was 93.00. Adjustment factors can include points for HSC Plus (Year 12 Subject Bonus Points), Educational Access Scheme, and Elite Athletes Performers and Leaders.

Students who achieve an ATAR (or equivalent) between 83.00 and 92.95, and who have an ability in mathematics, knowledge of physical science, design and problem solving, and a motivation toward engineering studies will be considered for admission into the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at UNSW Canberra, under the Faculty of Engineering Admission Scheme.

If you anticipate achieving an ATAR (or equivalent) between 83.00 and 92.95, we strongly recommend that you maximise your opportunity for admission to UNSW Canberra by applying for FEAS.

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UNSW Faculty of Engineering Admission Scheme (FEAS) 2019