FOCUS Lecture: The Science of Sound

FOCUS Lecture: The Science of Sound

UNSW Canberra at ADFA
LT06, BLDG 32, Northcott Dr, Campbell ACT

5.00pm to 6.30pm

Engineers Australia and the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group are proud to invite members, professionals and the general public to attend an upcoming FOCUS Lecture ‘The science of sound: how Defence is making waves in acoustic systems. Maintaining Defence’s capability via acoustic and sonar innovations’.

UNSW Canberra is proud to host the FOCUS Lecture held in Canberra on October 26, 5.00pm.

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Dr Brian Ferguson has broken new ground with his innovative research into advanced acoustic technologies which are being used in Australian and US operational systems for improved situational awareness and surveillance.

His extensive studies established a direct connection between acoustic signals and the course, speed and identity of ships, submarines and aircraft. An acoustic system based on Dr Ferguson’s studies accurately geolocated mortar fire from insurgents during Operation Iraqi Freedom and saved the lives of coalition forces and innocent civilians. Dr Ferguson also developed new data processing techniques which have enabled Navy’s sonar operators to identify targets at significantly greater distances than before, allowed submerged submarines to track aircraft flying overhead and improved safety in Navy’s mine hunting operations by delivering acoustic imagery for examining mine-like objects from safe distances.

Dr Ferguson was the first researcher to develop land-based acoustic systems with low false alarm rates for remote unattended surveillance, resulting in these systems being developed for use in conflict zones by the Australian and US armies.
Thanks to Dr Ferguson’s innovative research, Australian submarines have significantly improved their detection capability over increased distances, ports and harbours are better protected against threats and even the ecologically sensitive Great Barrier Reef benefits from a higher level of protection against intrusions from commercial shipping.

During the FOCUS lecture series, the presenter’s contributions to the following systems will be highlighted:
• Royal Australian Navy’s Oberon Submarine Enhanced Sonars (in service 1987-1994)

• Wide Aperture Array Sonars fitted to US and Australian submarines

• High frequency sonars for countering asymmetric threats including tomographic sonar imaging of sea mines

• Land-based acoustic surveillance systems including hostile weapon fire locating systems

Dr Brian G. Ferguson, Maritime Division, DST Group | 2016 Defence Minister’s Award winner for Achievement in Defence Science Dr Brian Ferguson is the Principal Scientist (Acoustic Systems) at Maritime Division- Sydney, Defence Science and Technology Group. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia and a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America. In 2016, he was the recipient of the Defence Minister’s Award for Achievement in Defence Science, which is the Australian Department of Defence’s highest honour for a defence scientist and recognises original and outstanding contributions capable of enhancing Australia’s defence effectiveness and efficiency. In November 2015, he became the first non-American to receive the Acoustical Society of America’s prestigious Silver Medal for Signal Processing in Acoustics.