Generative design of adaptive virtual worlds

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A new generation of persistent virtual worlds such as Second Life and There has opened the way for new kinds of remote environments to support commerce, education, defence, health, design and other industries. Design approaches for virtual places to support these industries have drawn on architectural concepts from the physical world. However, virtual places offer possibilities beyond physical places, including remote collaboration, adaptive spaces and intelligent environments. The objective of the project is to develop new models for generative design of adaptive virtual worlds.

Description of Work:

  • Survey of existing literature for computational creativity and generative design, including cellular automata, shape grammars and motivated agents
  • Design of computational models of artificial agents capable of creative, generative design behaviour in virtual environments
  • Implementation of the models in simulated applications or in live virtual worlds such as Second Life and There
  • Evaluation of the application using empirical metrics, case studies or user studies. This will include comparison to existing techniques for generative design.