International Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) TWP+ data set

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Dr Xiao Hua Wang (

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Description of Work:

Helen Beggs leads the GHRSST Tropical Warm Pool Diurnal Variability (TWP+) Project which aims to quantify diurnal warming of the surface ocean over the Tropical Warm Pool to the north of Australia and to validate and compare various diurnal variation models over this region.

The International Group for High resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) TWP+ data set would be a great resource for any PhD student with a background in either physical oceanography, air-sea heat exchange, marine meteorology and/or satellite oceanography. Further information on the TWP+ Project can be found at

The GHRSST Workshop on Tropical Warm Pool and High Latitude SST Issues (Melbourne, 5-9 March 2012) would be an excellent opportunity for a new PhD student to choose a TWP+ related research project that matches their interests and abilities. The workshop will focus on presentations relating to initial research for the TWP+ Project and using the TWP+ data set during the three working days of the GHRSST workshop. Further information on the GHRSST Workshop can be found at including a draft agenda which lists the current TWP+ research activities.