Computers and Technology

The Academy Library has multiple desktop computers available for use by UNSW Canberra students and staff

The Lounge

Learning Hub

Top Floor

  • 12 x Multi-purpose
  • 1 x Catalogue only
  • 1 x Printer /Copier /Scanner
  • 1 x Microform Reader
  • 3 x PC Monitors
  • 22 x Multi-purpose
  • 1 x 52" Screen with computer
    - can be used for group work
  • Whiteboard with projector
  • 8 x Multi-purpose
  • 2 x Catalogue only
  • 1 x Printer /Copier /Scanner
  • 3 x AV viewing stations

Time Limits

There are normally no time limits unless there is high demand for the computers. Users may be asked to make computers available within 10 minutes if their activities are not course-related (e.g. gaming).


Computers are available on a first come, first served basis. They may not be reserved. Library staff may however reserve groups of computers for training sessions. Any computers unattended for more than 15 minutes may be logged off by Library staff and made available for other users.


All the multi-purpose computers in the Library, have all the software that is available at any computer lab on campus. The computers have a range of accessible software, including Microsoft Office , Internet Browsers (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox ), Adobe Acrobat Pro, Bibliographic reference management systems (Endnote and Refworks), ZipGenius and more.  
No additional software or plug-ins may be installed on the computers.


Internet email services are permitted. However, if students are waiting to use the computers for study, email users may be asked to make computers available within 10 minutes.

Saving Work

Files may be saved to your home drive, or to your own portable storage device ( USB drive or external HD). If you send your assignment to yourself by email, please make sure it is saved to your H:drive.  Click on SAVE rather than OPEN when you are prompted to download the attached file, otherwise you may lose your document. We recommend that you save work regularly during each session, since at times there may be unexpected network disruption.


ADFAWide is UNSW Canberra's Campus wireless ad-hoc network, offering connectivity across the UNSW Canberra Campus. ADFAWide is available to all current UNSW Canberra students and staff. For more information please read ADFAWide - UNSW Canberra Wireless Network page.