UNSW Canberra graduates shape Australia, the region and the international community as leaders in defence, government and industry.

 Working at the intersection of a leading university and a military academy, UNSW has been educating defence leaders for half a century.


The information here is for prospective students. Current students should refer to their relevant UNSW Handbook.

In 2016 UNSW Canberra opened up admissions for Engineering and Engineering/Science double degrees to non-Defence domestic students as well as single-year Honours programs in Arts, Business, Computing and Cyber Security, and Science.

Our specialist Engineering degrees in (Aeronautical, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical) are accredited by Engineers Australia, and incorporate at least 60 days of industrial work experience. This means that if you study with us, you will graduate with a degree from one of Australia’s top universities, and be qualified to begin working immediately as an accredited engineer. In addition to this, under the Washington accord, you will also be able to work as an engineer in the US, UK, Canada and South-East Asia.

Domestic students include Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents of Australia, and New Zealand Citizens.


Navy Midshipmen and Army and Air force Cadets begin their careers in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) receiving a full-time salary while they undertake a program of military and leadership training at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA). Simultaneously, they study an undergraduate degree program in Arts, Business, Computing and Cyber Security, Engineering, Science or Technology with UNSW Canberra.

If you are accepted into the ADFA Trainee Officer Program you will receive your military training and education program from one of Australia’s top universities, fully paid for by the Australian Defence Force, which will provide you with the knowledge, skills, professional abilities, and qualities you will need as an officer in the ADF.