Optimizing performance of chemical reactions via periodic operation

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Prof Harvi Sidhu (h.sidu@adfa.edu.au)

Description of Work: 

Project Description & Objectives:

The project examines the use of mathematical analysis to determine the best parameters for minimum resource use for a exothermic chemical reactor (such as that used for the production of hydrogen (a clean fuel) from liquefied petroleum gas). This makes the new reactor applicable to petrochemical and fuel cell industries for both stationary and mobile purposes like cars, space craft and oil tankers.

More specifically the project aims to:

  • Evaluate the unsteady-state model for the periodic flow catalytic reactor (PFCR) in order to provide a basis for computer-aided prediction of its performance for wide ranging input conditions as may be encountered in practical situations.
  • Optimize cycle parameters (frequency, split, etc) to achieve thermal self-sustainability simultaneously with coke minimization in the PFCR and hence, establish a dynamic optimal control strategy for product selectivity for either stationary or mobile application.