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Dr Elizabeth Greenhalgh is a graduate of the Victoria University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, and arrived in Australia in 1987. She worked as research assistant in the Department, then School, of History, UNSW @ ADFA and after completing her PhD edited the international journal War & Society between 2005 and 2010. She then became a full-time researcher, being awarded a UNSW postdoctoral fellowship and then an Australian Research Coucil Fellowship (2010-2014). She has published three books with Cambridge University Press on Franco-British relations and on the French Army  during the First World War. Currently she is working on a study of France's battles on the Western Front in 1915, and also on a study of how the Allies won the First World War.


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Theses / Dissertations

Greenhalgh EP, 2003, The Mechanics of Coalition: Britain and France During the First World War

Greenhalgh EP, 1997, A Study in Alliance Warfare: The Somme