Professor Hans Riesen

Associate Dean (Research)

Hans Riesen is Professor in Physical Chemistry/Chemical Physics (Laser Spectroscopy) at UNSW Canberra. He has been appointed to the position of Associate Dean (Research) in May 2012.

Professor Riesen is a graduate of the University of Berne, Switzerland. He obtained his PhD (Dr. phil.-nat.) in 1987 for research on the optical spectroscopy of exchange coupled binuclear chromium(III) complexes. From 1987 to 1998 he worked at the Research School of Chemistry of The Australian National University as a Post-doctoral Fellow, Research Fellow, ARC Research Fellow and Fellow. In 1998 he joined UNSW Canberra as a Lecturer.

Over the last 25 years, Hans Riesen's research has been mostly focused on the laser spectroscopy, e.g. spectral hole-burning, of transition metal ion doped insulators/wide band gap semiconductors. He is particularly interested in light-induced changes in the solid state that have potential applications in ultra-high density optical data storage and optical signal processing. With the advent of the Australian Synchrotron, Hans has also become a user and strong supporter of synchrotron science. In recent years, Hans Riesen and his team have discovered a novel X-ray storage technology with applications in personal and clinical dosimetry, and medical imaging. A UNSW spin-off company (Dosimetry & Imaging Pty Ltd) is currently in the process of commercializing this technology. Hans Riesen is the author of about 120 journal articles in the field of laser spectroscopy of the solid state, three book chapters and several patent applications.