Our Researchers

Name Position Email Phone
Dr Matthias Kramer Lecturer and Safety WHS Coordinator m.kramer@adfa.edu.au +61455664155
Dr Timm Krueger Visiting Fellow t.krueger@adfa.edu.au +61 2 6268 8191
Dr Tae-Hyuk Kwon Visiting Fellow t.kwon@adfa.edu.au
Dr David Lacey
Dr Debbie Lackerstein Senior Lecturer in History d.lackerstein@adfa.edu.au +61 2 6268 8877
Mr Sebastien Lahaye s.lahaye@adfa.edu.au
Emeritus Professor Joseph Lai Visiting Professor j.lai@adfa.edu.au +61 2 6268 8272
Associate Professor Andrew Lambert Research Student Candidature Coordinator a.lambert@adfa.edu.au +61 2 6268 8351
Dr Andrew Lapworth Lecturer in Cultural Geography a.lapworth@adfa.edu.au
Professor Warrick Lawson w.lawson@adfa.edu.au +61 2 6268 8801
Associate Professor David Lee Associate Professor of History
Dr Roger Lee Visiting Fellow
Professor Chi King Lee Deputy Head of School & Final Year UG Project Coordinator c.lee@adfa.edu.au +61 2 6268 8059
Mr Min Hyeong Lee Visiting Jnr Research Fellow minhyeong.lee@adfa.edu.au
Emeritus Professor Brian Lees b.lees@adfa.edu.au
Dr George Leu Senior Research Associate G.Leu@adfa.edu.au +61 2 6268 8176
Dr Sophie Lewis s.lewis@adfa.edu.au +61 02 6268 8890
Lieut Angeline Lewis Women, Peace and Security Fellow Angeline.Lewis@student.adfa.edu.au
Dr Qiang Li Postdoctoral Fellow Q.Li2@adfa.edu.au
Dr Qiwei Li Visting fellow qiwei.li1@adfa.edu.au