Seminar: The Domains of Intellectual Capital: An Integrative Discourse across Perspectives


building 27 level 1 Seminar Room 

12.15pm to 1.15pm

This chapter explores the domains of intellectual capital (IC) more commonly known as human, organisation and social capital. This theoretical analysis draws together these three disciplinary domains through an integrative discourse in terms of leveraging accumulative resources, connecting complementary themes, and distinguishing between interdependent cognitions and behaviours. It seeks to answer scholarly concerns that the IC construct is vague and misleading resulting in erroneous and generalised relationships that are lacking in time and space and across contexts. The chapter adopts a theoretical lens and explores complementary but different discourses of the relationships between human capital (HC), human capital resources (HCR), organisational capital (OC) and social capital (SC). For HC and HCR, the discussions build on the resource-based view (RBV) and the micro-foundations approaches in the strategy literature where recent research has explored linkages between the HCR and competitive advantage. The social capital literature is outlined and the discourse between internal social capital and external social capital is spelled out. The discourses between the domains suggest that through a process of emergence, firms can develop dynamic capabilities that enable them to achieve competitive advantage in factor markets.  To this extent, the chapter builds on and complements more recent research extending scholarly concerns about the lack of an integrative framework by which the IC linkages and variables can be developed and tested. 


Peter A Murray is currently Professor of Management at the University of Southern Queensland with previous affiliations at Macquarie University and University of Western Sydney. Professor Murray is an applied researcher in strategic change and diversity management and lectures more broadly in strategic management, change management and human resource management. He is also an associate editor, editorial board member and reviewer for many leading journals including Human Resource Management Journal, International Journal of Human Resources, Personnel Management and Management Learning. His most recent book titled 'Contemporary Strategic Management: An Australasian Perspective, 2nd Edition, John Wiley, with Grant, Orr & Butler was published by Wiley in 2014. Professor Murray has been a leading researcher in many Government reports, books and Quartile 1 and 2 ranked journal articles such as Human Resource Management Journal, Management Learning, Supply Chain Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management and Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources.