Seminar: Methods for improving the efficiency and sustainability of urban distribution systems.


School of Business Seminar Room, Building 27, Level 1

12.15pm to 1.15pm

This seminar will outline methods for improving the efficiency and sustainability of urban distribution systems. Procedures developed for designing collaborative and multi-modal distribution networks will be outlined. Methods for determining how best to recover traffic networks as well as manage traffic following disasters will also be presented. Details of a model developed for distributing relief food following the 2011 tsunami in Japan will be provided. A description of the lessons learned in post disaster humanitarian logistics following the Tohoku disasters will also be presented.


Russell has a background in Mathematics and Transport Engineering. His main research interests are in optimisation urban logistics networks and multi-modal freight networks as well as designing collaborative distribution systems. Russell leads the Volvo Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Urban Freight Solutions. His main research are the areas of City Logistics, Humanitarian Logistics and Transport Network Resilience.

Russell has co-authored 10 books and over 90 refereed publications. He recently co-edited a book, “City Logistics: Mapping the Future” (CRC Press, 2015) that presents a range of innovative solutions to increase the efficiency and reduce the impacts of freight in cities.

Russell is currently involved in a number of Disaster Management related projects including, traffic management points (road closures), driver warning and route guidance systems, distribution systems for relief supplies as well as strengthening and recovery schedules for transport networks.