Dr Raymond Young wins the Best Paper Award at the Project and Program Managers Symposium


Dr Raymond Young, Senior Lecturer at the School of Business and member of the PSRG, has won the Best Paper Award at the recent Project and Program Management Symposium (PGCS)

The article, entitled "Strategic management of the Defence S&T Portfolio: Are we there yet?", is a report of a 3-year action research project with the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST). DST is a world leading research group and the second largest R&D group in Australia.

Dr Young comments, "The research describes the path taken by DST to ensure the money they invested in projects delivered against the strategic goals of Defence. The research is important because until now, the project management profession has focussed on on-time on-budget and underemphasised the realisation of strategic goals. If the results can be replicated more widely, it could lead to the realisation of strategic goals more generally and for example increase literacy, reduce congestion, reduce crime and reduce hospital waiting times."

Congratulations, Dr Young!


Click here to read Dr Young's award-winning article.