Professor Paul Robertson

School of Business

Professor Paul Robertson is a Visiting Fellow with the School of Business, UNSW Canberra.

Paul Robertson was a professor of management at the University of Wollongong and Griffith University. Prior to leaving for Wollongong, he was a member of the Department/School of Economics and Management at ADFA for 11 years, half of which he spent as Head. He has co-authored three books and edited or co-edited four others. He has also written more than sixty refereed articles and book chapters on aspects of management and economic history. His major research interest is in the management of innovation, particularly in medium- and low-technology firms.


Robertson PL; Jacobson D, 2011, Knowledge Transfer and Technology Diffusion

Robertson PL; Jacobson D, 2011, Knowledge transfer and technology diff usion: An introduction

Book Chapters

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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

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