Advisory Committee

Head of School Advisory Committee (HoSAC)

The Head of School Advisory Committee (HoSAC) comprises key members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), defence allied private industry and the national research community.  HoSAC considers strategic issues (as identified by the Head of School) and provides independent advice regarding achieving specific outcomes in line with ADF and industry needs, the SEIT Strategic Framework and the UNSW 2025 Strategy within a timeline of 18 months to 3 years. The committee meet at least three times a year.

HoSAC will work to:

  1. Provide advice and utilise networks to increase the visibility of SEIT and UNSW Canberra in the ACT and interstate
  2. Identify opportunities for penetrating non-Defence government sectors, especially the ACT Government and the Commonwealth Government, for research and education partnerships
  3. Provide advice to support SEIT to maintain the highest level of quality in academic offerings, including identification of needs for new courses
  4. Facilitate integration with Defence and defence industry work force planning to enable SEIT to anticipate future needs and develop appropriate plans of action
  5. Identify opportunities that will enable SEIT and UNSW Canberra more generally, to become the leading national provider of research and education in defence-related technology.

HoSAC Membership:

Scott Tyo   Head of School of Engineering & IT, UNSW Canberra - Chair
Brendan Bilston Executive Director Strategic Development, RPS Group
Tony Lindsay    Director, Lockheed Martin STELLaRLab
Alison Lee Director Integration and Support, Northrop Grumman
John Fry Director Business Development, Raytheon Australia
Brooke Curtin Non-Executive Director, Not for Profit Sector
AVM Cath Roberts   Head Aerospace Systems Division, Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group