Associate Professor Kathryn Kasmarik

Deputy Head of School (Teaching)
School of Engineering and Information Technology
UNSW Canberra Cyber
+61 2 5114 5164
+61 2 6268 8443


Building 17 Room 201A
School of Engineering and Information Technology, The University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy, PO Box 7916, Canberra BC ACT 2610, AUSTRALIA


Kathryn Kasmarik is an associate professor in information technology at the University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy (UNSW Canberra). She is currently the Deputy Head of School (Teaching) for the School of Engineering and IT. 

Kathryn completed a Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Sydney, including a study exchange at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She graduated with First Class Honours and the University Medal in 2002. She completed a PhD in computer science through the National ICT Australia and the University of Sydney in 2007. She moved to UNSW Canberra in 2008. She has published over 100 articles in peer reviewed conference and journals. Her research has been funded by the Australian Research Council and Defence Science and Technology Group, among other sources.

Before joining UNSW Canberra, Kathryn worked as a computer programmer in the financial services industry, as an intern in digital image processing and as a research assistant at the Key Centre for Design Computing and Cognition at the University of Sydney. Her techical skills include Java and MATLAB programming, Android application development, artificial neural networks, reinforcement learning, game theory and swarm intelligence algorithms.


Kathryn has over 100 publications including two books. She has published as both Kathryn Kasmarik and Kathryn Merrick. Click the links below or to the right to view Kathryn's publications 


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Book Chapters

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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

Kasmarik K; Abpeikar S; Khan MM; Khattab N; Barlow M; Garratt M, 2020, 'Autonomous Recognition of Collective Behaviour in Robot Swarms', Canberra, Australia, presented at 33rd Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Canberra, Australia, 29 November 2020

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