Lifelong learning of bio-inspired flapping flight platform for trusted autonomy

Funding: DST Group Research Agreement

DST has a strategic research initiative in trusted autonomy known as Tyche which has a program of work exploring adaptive flight behaviours of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).  For airborne autonomous systems, the ability to adapt flight control through life to changes in physical configurations and external conditions is vital to its survival.

This project aims to explore lifetime learning techniques and its application to flapping wing UAS to exhibit adaptive flight control to meet the Trusted Autonomy intent within DST.

The aims of the research agreement are to pursue a collection of specific lifetime learning activities to support adaptive flight behaviours of a bio-inspired flapping flight platform aligned to DST Tyche Program. These include:

  1. Development of an adaptive learning controller and its validation in simulation
  2. Fuzzy evolutionary systems (FES) development
  3. Neural network (NN) development
  4. NN-FES control development

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