Mrs Marion Burgess

School of Engineering and Information Technology


Building 17, UNSW Canberra campus


After completing a degree in physics, Marion Burgess commenced working in acoustics in an Australian building research laboratory. Since then she has had over 40 years broad experience in many aspects of acoustics including building, environmental and occupational noise measurement, assessments, control and research.  She works at the Canberra campus of the University of New South Wales, Australia and presents specialist classes in occupational and environmental acoustics to undergraduate and post graduate students.

In addition to research projects she regularly undertakes consulting work.  She has undertaken environmental noise assessments, including measurements, for State and Federal government agencies and for various engineering consultancies.  This work has included measurement and assessment of the existing noise levels, prediction of future noise levels, development of amelioration measures and participation in community consultation.  She has experience with assessments of road, air and rail transportation noise as well as assessment of land use conflicts in the planning for a residential estate.  She has worked as part of the team of engineers and planners on projects ranging from noise impact on individual houses through to the noise impact from major roads and the amelioration measures for adjacent residential areas.

She is a  member of a number of relevant Standards Australia committees.  She is an active member of the Australian Acoustical Society, and is currently the chief editor of its Journal.  She regularly participates in international conferences and was the Chair of the International Congress in Acoustics held in Sydney in 2010.  She is currently the Past President of the International Commission for Acoustics and is also the President of the International Institute for Noise Control Engineering.