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Distributed control and estimation is a relatively recent exciting development in control systems engineering. It focuses on the role of consensus, coordination, cooperation and information in control of complex engineering systems, consisting of large number of dynamicagents such as autonomous robot platoons. My current work in this area is concerned with the development of distributed estimation algorithms to enhance performance of large-scale sensor networks, via optimization of the transient H∞ consensus. I have also been working on the analysis and design of distributed controllers for interconnected uncertain systems.

A network of UAV based sensors observing a moving target.



Advances in quantum technology - those technologies which exploit the laws of quantum mechanics - are presenting new challenges to control theory since standard analysis and design methods do not take into account the special features of quantum systems. Indeed, quantum networks consisting of ensembles of interacting systems are at the heart of quantum technology, and yet a systematic theory for coherent (i.e., fully quantum) feedback stabilization and coordination of such systems is not available at present. In this research, joint with Profs Matt James (Australian National University), Ian Petersen (UNSW Canberra) and John Gough (Aberystwyth University, UK), we develop an innovative stability theory of quantum systems. It fundamentally develops the methodology of stability based on the analysis of quantum Lyapunov observables and has produced new results such as Popov criterion and small gain stability results and the LaSalle invariance principle extending the corresponding classical notions and methodologies into the realm of quantum control systems. We also develop this theory to obtain tractable systematic means for the analysis and design of coherent controllers and observers for quantum systems.


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