Research Activities

Air Transport

The air traffic management (ATM) system acts as the brain of the air transport system. The overall air transport economy relies on efficient ATM in different countries to facilitate the efficient use of the airspace. The ATM system is currently being modernized in many places in the world... read more


Communications is a fundamental and critical need for both military and civilian use. The research has been conducted through computer simulation, hardware construction and through deep mathematical methods. The research activities of the Communications Research group focus on novel ways to... read more


Feedback control systems are widely used in engineering applications, including aerospace, manufacturing, mining, automobile and military hardware applications. They are an enabling technology in emerging areas of engineering, such as quantum and opto-electronics engineering and highfrequency... read more

Cyber Security

Cyber security has been placed as a national priority by many countries. Yet we have witnessed endless security breach reports indicating the daunting challenging task we are facing. Cyber security is a system concept which could be best described by the Leaky Bucket Theory. The security... read more

Fluid Mechanics and Space Engineering

While the research projects described below in fluid mechanics and space engineering cover a wide range of phenomena and applications, they often share the use of related modelling tools and techniques. For example, computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations are being used to provide insight... read more


The Imaging group conducts research into many diverse aspects of image processing. The main areas of interest include but are not limited to real-time imaging for autonomous guidance of unmanned aerial vehicles, classification and compression of hyperspectral imagery, 2D/3D medical image... read more

Impact Dynamics

Impact Dynamics is a relatively new venture for UNSW Canberra; in 2012 a new research group was setup to focus on this area. There are several areas of interest within the community at UNSW Canberra including:

  • Crashworthiness and energy absorbing mechanisms
  • Penetration... read more

Optimization and Design

Optimization is an integral part of any design or decision making process. Increased computing power, availability of accurate numerical models and the need to solve today's complex problems have led to significant growth of the field in recent years. The members of the group had been working on... read more

Structures and Materials

Research work related to various applications of advanced composite materials in the aerospace, civil infrastructure, oil and gas, high-end machines, antennas and marine industries has been carried out by Advanced Composite Research Unit (ACRU ) members in 2012. The research topics and projects... read more

Systems and Informatics

The interaction of people and software systems has many subtleties. Sometimes software development is inflexible in responding to the real needs of people and organizations, but other times people use software systems in unexpectedly effective ways. Software systems provide us unprecedented... read more

Trusted Autonomy

Trusted Autonomy (TA) is an emerging field of research that focuses on understanding and designing the interaction space between entities, each of which exhibits a level of autonomy. These entities can be humans, computer controlled machines, or a mix of the two. The aim of the TA group is to... read more