"Imagine a room full of people like you with similar interests, all getting to learn new things.  That's YoWIE in a nutshell"

"Thanks to my science teacher at Campbell High, I was selected for the YoWIE program at UNSW Canberra this past January.  The three days of activities in the Engineering Department provided me with my first opportunity to design and print a 3-D object and to write a program to guide a robot through an obstacle course.  The chance to hear about engineering projects currently underway in Canberra was very interesting, as was hearing from people in engineering jobs who do design and/or field work and sometimes get to travel around the world.  The YoWIE program allowed me to experience a new career path that I had not previously imagined for myself."

“Fun, hands-on, unique”

“Thank you to everyone for their hard work.  Everyone made the past three days very enjoyable and interesting.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn more about engineering.”

“I could design anything I wanted”

“I liked taking things apart and putting them back together”

“A lot of practical activities that give you a great taste of many types of engineering, and what you can do with an engineering degree”

“Gave me a taste of something I really want to do”

“Would love to do it again!  A fantastic opportunity to see what engineering is like and to use cool equipment”

“Thank you for the opportunity.  Made me want to be a civil engineer.”

“Amazing few days.  Set up really well.  Thank you SO MUCH for organising this for us. 10/10”

“Well done for making this experience possible, and thank you so much for the experience.  It was amazing!”