The School of Humanities and Social Sciences at UNSW Canberra comprises academic staff in four scholarly disciplines:

English and Media Studies - How does language persuade and move us? How does culture repond to or imagine war? Students complete their studies in English and Media Studies with a sophisticated knowledge of both the world's literary heritage and their own contemporary culture, from the classical heroic epics to contemporary social media.

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History - History seeks to understand individual and group behaviour and to explain the forces that have shaped human civilisation: social change, wars, revolutions and popular movements. Historical analysis examines the relationships between past events and the present. The student of history learns how to assimilate and weigh evidence, analyse problems and balance differenc points of view in the context of the past and of the present.

Indonesian Studies - Indonesia is one of Australia's most important neighbouring countries. Indonesian Studies gives you the ability to read, write, speak and understand standard Indonesian, and will also give you a broad understanding of Indonesian society and culture. No prior Indonesian knowledge is required.

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International and Political Studies (IPS) 
- IPS involves the study of power and norms in a rapidly changing global environment. It covers the major actors, ideas and key issues of domestic, regional and global politics, international relations and ethical thought, all of which have a profound impact on Australia's national security and its place in the world. 

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IPS Seminar Series

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