International Ethics Research Group

‘International Ethics’ brings together International Relations (IR), Political Theory and Moral Philosophy to address ethical questions in international politics.  It is an increasingly prominent academic field of research, and one in which UNSW Canberra has unique strength. Our particular expertise includes:

  • The Ethics of War/Military Ethics – including justifications for war, just conduct in war, pacifism, conscientious objection, and ethical questions surrounding private military and security companies, new technologies of war, and intelligence collection.
  • Justice in a Globalised World – including global distributive justice, immigration, climate change, gender and identity-politics, and encompassing different variations on cosmopolitanism as an approach to international politics.
  • The Ethics of International Security – including force and coercion short of war, terrorism and counter-terrorism, global and regional security governance, humanitarianism, the responsibility to protect (R2P), cyber security, and nuclear weapons.
  • Moral Responsibility and Formal Organizations – including in relation to states, multinational corporations, international financial institutions, and intergovernmental organizations, and in contexts such as environmental harm, human rights, financial crises, genocide prevention, and foreign aid.

UNSW Canberra’ International Ethics Research Group has an outstanding research record.  Combined with our proximity to the military and government, and the excellent support for this area by both the Faculty and the Academy library, this means that UNSW Canberra is unrivalled in Australia as a place to pursue research in this field.


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