IPS Seminar Series

The IPS Seminar series provides an opportunity for postgraduates, staff and visitors to present their research. All are welcome, as are requests for visiting academics to present seminars. For enquiries please contact Dr Morten Pedersen. The seminars are usually on Friday afternoons, 12-1pm in 29-106.

* denotes a combined IPS/HASS seminar

Upcoming Seminar

Friday, 25th August 2017 12.15pm-1.15pm
School of HASS Seminar Room, Building 29-106

Presenter: LtCol Eric Roitsch (Military Professor, Joint Forces Staff College & Joint Special Operations University, USA)

Title: “Incorporating focused, multilateral security cooperation into a comprehensive strategy against terrorism and violent extremism".

Abstract: 16 years of concerted and costly counter terror activities have yielded results that can be at best categorized as "Mixed" and at worst, "Debatable". To date, there has not been a concerted, integrated, multidimensional and multilateral effort to combat terrorism and violent extremism. Most Counter Terrorism (CT) and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) strategies have either focused on the mere application of force against hostile actors or have dealt with underlying sociopolitical conditions at the local level rather than at the regional and trans-regional level. First, I propose a strategy that incorporates traditional CT with concerted, synchronized efforts to address the symptoms, higher order causes and root causes of terrorism, violent extremism and support to both. I will specifically discuss Security Cooperation activities such as "Institutional Capacity" and "Human Capacity and Human Capital Development" as modalities to incorporate into a CT/CVE strategy resulting not only in greater partner capability and capacity, but more competent governance, increased stability and more secure environments, which necessarily lead to reductions in the drivers of conflict and instability.

Coffee refreshments on arrival.


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September 08 Dr Stephen Coleman, HASS The Ethics of Space Warfare
August 25th LtCol Eric Roitsch (Military Professor, Joint Forces Staff College & Joint Special Operations University, USA) Counterinsurgency in the Horn of Africa (tbc)
June 23rd PhD Candidate Kristina Novakovic Cyber-Attacks: The problems with the language of war
June 9th Post Doc Lindsay Clark Ghostly Warriors: Gender, Haunting and Military Technologies
May 26th PhD Candidate Peter Job The evolving narrative of denial – The Fraser Government and the invasion and occupation of East Timor


Seminars 2016

Date Presenter Title
March 4 Lindy Edwards The Oligarchs - Just How Powerful is Big Business In Australian Democracy?*
April 8 John Walker Slogans and Street Protests: Reconfiguring Identity Politics in Contemporary Malaysia?
April 22 David Pfotenhauer Private Military and Security Companies as Institutional Moral Agents – A new moral framework for private warriors?
May 20 Morten Pedersen Democratising Myanmar’s National Security State *
May 27 Steven Jones Analysing defence procurement
June 10 Jason Andrews Studying scandals: structures, sites and methods
August 26 Khin Maung Yin Ceasefires and post-civil war democratisation: a comparative study of two conflict-affected communities in Myanmar
September 23 Rhiannon Neilsen Class of 2003: A Reluctant Reunion? Australia, the Islamic State and Coalition Formation
October 7 Richard Adams The Irresistible Executive Power, the Obligation of the Generals, and the Schmittian Exception
October 14 Adam Henschke Ethics of Technology and The Internet Of Things