Master of Special Operations (8632)

Contemporary armed conflicts have seen the employment of special operations forces on an unprecedented scale, yet special operations remains an understudied and often misunderstood instrument of military policy. The Master of Special Operations uniquely addresses this gap by offering students a combination of special operations focused core courses alongside a selection of electives addressing broader issues in strategy and security, providing the student both a focused view of the phenomenon of special operations and a broad understanding of their context. The Master of Special Operations is ideal for special operations and other military personnel seeking to broaden their understanding of special operations beyond the tactical and operational skills and capabilities involved. The program also provides an excellent framework of reference for other government employees and contractors who require a good understanding of Special Operations. Postgraduate scholars seeking to develop a research competence in this field will also find in the Master of Special Operations a valuable foundation.

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Core Courses
ZHSS8231 History of Special Operations (6 UOC)
ZHSS8459 Special Operations Theory (6 UOC)
ZHSS8461 Special Operations (6 UOC)
ZHSS8462 Ethics in Special Operations (6 UOC)
Elective Courses
ZBUS8201 Leadership (6 UOC)
ZHSS8001 Professional Practice (6 UOC)
ZHSS8210 Genocide (6 UOC)
ZHSS8217 Amphibious Warfare (6 UOC)
ZHSS8221 Development of the Art of War (6 UOC)
ZHSS8224 Small Wars of Empire (6 UOC)
ZHSS8225 Australian Military History (6 UOC)
ZHSS8226 The Vietnam Wars (6 UOC)
ZHSS8227 Civil Wars (6 UOC)
ZHSS8403 Global Security (6 UOC)
ZHSS8409 Asia-Pacific Security (6 UOC)
ZHSS8410 Australian Defence Policy (6 UOC)
ZHSS8417 Air Power in the 21st Century (6 UOC)
ZHSS8430 China's Security Policy (6 UOC)
ZHSS8435 Contemporary Strategy (6 UOC)
ZHSS8438 The Justice of War (6 UOC)
ZHSS8439 Reforming Repressive Regimes (6 UOC)
ZHSS8441 Cyber-Security (6 UOC)
ZHSS8442 Conflict Transformation (6 UOC)
ZHSS8452 Weapons of Mass Destruction (6 UOC)
ZHSS8453 Culture and Conflict (6 UOC)
ZHSS8456 Australian Cyber Forces (6 UOC)

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