Ms. Priyanka Shivadas

PhD Candidate
School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Ms. Priyanka Shivadas is a PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales Canberra, located at the Australian Defence Force Academy.  Her current research focuses on Global Indigenous Literary Studies.

Book Chapters

Shivadas P, 2019, '“The Practice of Public Apology: Australia Says Sorry to the Stolen Generations.”', in Tadjo V (ed.), The Culture of Dissenting Memory Truth Commissions in the Global South, Routledge India, pp. 132 - 147, ttps://

Shivadas P, 2018, '"The Bone People of New Zealand: Identity Politics in the South Pacific."', in Krishna KBS; Bansal HR (ed.), Homogeneity in Heterogeneity: Memory, Culture, and Resistance in Aboriginal Literatures from Around the World, Authorspress,