A delegation from IPDN, Indonesia, visits HASS


Institut Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri (IPDN)/Institute of Public Administration is a specialised tertiary education in Indonesia which trains elite public servants of the Department of Internal Affairs.  They specialise in Political Science (Policy Development and Community Empowerment) and Management Studies.  The leadership team of the  IPDN visited HASS at  UNSW Canberra to further discuss research and teaching opportunities. The the leadership team of the  IPDN consisted of Prof Wirman Syafri – Head of IPDN’s Research and Assessment Office, and Dr Yusharto Huntoyungo – Head of the IPDN Office of Outreach and Cooperation. 

A/Prof Jian Zhang, Deputy Head of School, Dr Baker (Associate Head), Dr Sakai (Southeast Asian Social Inquiry/Indonesian Studies) and her PhD student Mr Ajie Saksono received the delegation.

The IPDN has warmly invited UNSW academics to visit their campus and they are planning to attend a policy brief workshop organised by Dr Sakai in Jakarta later this month on the issues of women’s empowerment and community development.