Emeritus Professor Carlyale Thayer in the Media


Good Trump or bad Trump: which one has landed in Asia?

Carl Thayer, an expert on South-east Asia at the University of New South Wales, said Trump's every word and action will have considerable weight in the eyes of regional leaders, who will be looking for answers to fundamental questions such as "can he be trusted? Can he provide reassurance that the US will remain engaged in Asia Pacific? Or will his chop-and-change brand of strategic uncertainty become the new normal?"

Nick O'Malley, Kirsty Needham, Lindsay Murdoch, The Sydney Morning Herald, November 11, 2017


Trump in Asia: They love him in Vietnam

Carl Thayer, a professor at Australia's University of New South Wales and a Vietnam expert, said Trump’s "America First" rhetoric threatens to weaken the stature of the U.S. in Southeast Asia, where countries are trying to build regional trade partnerships.
“Trump showed disdain for multilateral approaches,” he said. “(Southeast Asian states) cannot count on U.S. support."

Thomas Maresca. USA Today, November 10, 2017


Why Vietnam Loves Trump

Still, Carlyle Thayer, an expert in southeast Asian politics and emeritus professor at the University of New South Wales, says Vietnamese officials have moved on from the disappointment: “They’re pragmatists. It’s done.” The remaining 11 countries have continued negotiations

Isabelle Taft, Politico Magazine, November 9, 2017


Asia-Pacific? Think Indo-Pacific, says US

Australia and US defence personnel have been using “Indo-Pacific” in the last three to four years, Emeritus Professor Carlyle Thayer of the University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy, told ST over e-mail. And in the past one year, they have been using “Indo-Asia-Pacific”, he added.
“The US Pacific Command straddles both (the) Pacific and Indian Oceans. India is in the Pacific command, Pakistan is not. The terms privilege the maritime component of the region,” he added.

Nirmal Ghosh, The Straits Times, November 8, 2017