PLuS Alliance military ethics partnership picking up steam in Colombia


The Applied Defence Ethics Project (ADEPt), a collaboration between scholars of military ethics from UNSW Canberra, Kings College London and Arizona State University (the three institutions that make up the PLuS Alliance) is picking up steam. The first major endeavour under the ADEPt umbrella is the development of a military ethics curriculum for the Colombian military’s War College, the Escula Superior de Guerra (ESDEGUE).

Emerging from half a century of war against FARC guerrillas, the Colombian military is embracing the fragile peace and taking the opportunity to expand its offerings. The new ethics curriculum draws together material developed by Dr Deane-Peter Baker (of UNSW Canberra’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society) for the massive open online course ‘Military Ethics: an Introduction’ and material developed by Professor David Whetham of the Kings College London Centre for Military Ethics, with several ASU scholars contributing additional literature on topics not previously covered. The curriculum is being developed with the support of the British Academy at no cost to the Colombian military and is being translated into Spanish through financial support from KCL and UNSW Canberra.  Professor Martin Cook, Admiral James B. Stockdale Professor Emeritus of the U.S. Naval War College and one of the leading figures of contemporary military ethics education, has added his weight to the effort and is currently in Bogota conducting a two week ‘train the trainer’ course for the ESDEGUE instructors who will be delivering the new ethics curriculum.